Arcadia Group delivers powerful solutions to increase and accelerate value by developing a company's leaders, talent process, culture and organization in alignment with the key business outcomes. We believe improving the people improves the company.

“Business and human endeavors are systems. We tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system ...  and wonder why our deepest problems never get solved.”   ― Peter M. Senge

Leadership quality predicts company value.   |   Read More

Leaders are key to company value. Research shows that leadership quality predicts stock price, profits, revenue growth, venture capital, operating costs, public perception, employee commitment and employee retention.

Furthermore, superb leaders offer disproportional benefit. According to McKinsey & Company, organizations with top quartile performance on leadership outperform the average by almost a factor of 2 in terms of EBITDA.

Powerful development requires two paths.    |    Read More

Addressing both the activities and mindsets of leaders creates the greatest and most sustainable impact. Using business management research and experience, we help leaders engage in the most critical activities for driving value and company success.

We also address the underlying mindsets that determine the effectiveness and scope of these activities. Research has shown that behaviors and choices are governed by unconscious beliefs. We help leaders create awareness of and mastery over these mindsets and beliefs.


Arcadia Group has designed an integrative suite of services to increase company value through excellence in leaders. We work with you to determine what is best for your needs.


Strategic consultation for leverage and organizational alignment.

Talent Solutions

Services that optimize talent flow throughout the organization.


One-to-one engagements for personalized leader development.

Programs, Conferences & Events

Group engagements for leader development, engagement and alignment.


Arcadia Group's holistic and pragmatic approach produces powerful minds and organizations that are:

High Performing
Invested in Success

See problems as opportunities to grow and improve.
Create a culture of excellence and trust.
Focus on the most important opportunities.
Create and achieve big goals.
Empower others through vision and authenticity.
Operate with a founder's mentality.
Develop motivated, passionate employees who are aligned with values.
Leverage one's strengths and bring them out in others.
See things in context; take a whole-systems approach.


"... Michael has taken me through a personal and professional journey which has had a drastic impact on how I work with senior management and peers throughout the company ..."    
— Ken G., Office
Head, Global Hedge Fund, London

"Overall, I really enjoyed it and always felt energized at the end of our calls.  It dovetailed nicely with my annual evaluation and provided thoughtful ways for me to do my job more effectively. ”    
— Lynn P., 
Director, Health Services Industry, VT

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Our Approach

In our 30 years of designing and delivering human performance solutions, we have learned that the greatest and most sustainable change comes from a pragmatic yet holistic approach.

We begin by focusing on the key goals of the company and then align the right activities and key competencies to achieve these goals. At the same time, company performance is just the tip of the iceberg. Often below conscious awareness are the mindsets that affect how leaders approach situations, problems, and possibilities. Using a human operating model as a map for leader development, we help clients develop powerful mindsets that directly impact business outcomes. 

This pragmatic yet holistic approach creates the biggest, most sustainable leverage from leader and organizational development. We also work with you to determine which solutions from our suite will be most useful for you to create the outcomes you desire. 


We guide clients through three phases of development to move leaders and organizations towards achieving peak performance.


awareness into insight

Understanding yourself is critical
to understanding others.

mastery into instinct

Effectively ‘leading’ yourself is critical
to effectively leading others.

transformation into excellence

The most powerful mindsets, behaviors
and competencies make anything possible.