Arcadia Group offers custom programs, conferences, events and playbooks to develop, engage and align leaders. 

Leader Development Programs

Progressively move leaders towards peak performance with engaging group programs.

Leader Conferences and Events

Create experiences that generate the highest and best use of your people's time.

Supplemental Playbooks

Capture, codify, and leverage institutional wisdom with custom materials.

Leader Development Programs

Our leader development programs are highly interactive and focus on the differentiating competencies and activities of great leaders and the underlying psychological mindsets that drive their success. 

We offer three standard levels of group programs using a unique methodology to progressively move leaders towards peak performance. They incorporate goal-setting meetings, interactive group workshops, and 360-degree-feedback assessments. More advanced programming includes coaching and retreats. Content may also be customized to target specific areas of development.  


insight into performance

  • for 15-30 people
  • group workshop (1-2 days)
  • meetings for preparation and follow-up
  • 360-degree-feedback and other assessments

instinct into excellence

  • for 10-20 people
  • group workshop (1-3 days)
  • 3-6 coaching sessions per participant
  • meetings for preparation and follow-up
  • 360-degree-feedback re-take; values assessment

wisdom into peak performance

  • for 10-15 people
  • 6-12 month engagement
  • 6-12 intensive coaching sessions
  • 1-3 customized retreats for 10-15 people

Leader Conferences and Events

Arcadia Group has years of experience organizing high-level conferences and other customized events for leaders and company-wide strategic initiatives. We focus on creating experiences that generate the highest and best use of gathering your people together:



Share new competencies, best practices, news, and other information that inform and inspire your talent. You can also incorporate elements of leader development into your conference, and then create playbooks to capture this wisdom and leverage it to create value.

Off-Site Meetings


Host smaller, purpose-driven gatherings for strategy and team-building away from the distractions of the office.



Host deeper experiences to generate accelerated trust, creativity or innovation. Enjoy engaging and rejuvenating experiences that are aligned with your company's big goals and can powerfully harness the talents of your people.

Supplemental Playbooks

Arcadia Group creates custom playbooks to supplement the programs, conferences and events we organize. Playbooks allow you to capture, codify and make it easy for others to consume and implement institutional knowledge. Your event or initiative becomes more powerful and less episodic, as the books become a way of touching people again and again. 

Playbooks are especially useful since, without reinforced learning, people generally retain only 10% of the information that they learn. Institutional memory is also filtered through each individual. Our custom playbooks create an engaging record where information is consistent and accessible, and therefore replicable. These resources are especially helpful for major transitions that have massive learning curves. Playbooks can take on several formats:


Print or electronic books can be centered around aspects of the culture or major events, such as an annual conference.

Best Practice Manuals

Best practices can be replicated within a company through manuals that make the information accessible and consistent.

Event Highlights


Reports can be created to help reinforce the main takeaways and highlights from an event.