Our Values

Arcadia Group relies on these core values to guide our work and relationship with clients. We also help others uncover and embody their own core values.

   Client Focus

Being true to oneself in all endeavors.
We are here for the client, not ourselves.
Innovative solutions to challenges.
Delivering our best.
Operating beyond boundaries.
Be the example we wish to see.
Creating more together.
Thinking beyond oneself and seeing action as contribution.
Creating renewable capabilities in our clients and ourselves; doing well through doing good.

Our Name and Logo

Arcadia - Prosperity and Fulfillment

Arcadia is a metaphor for the prosperity and fulfillment that we help create for our clients. Arcadia refers to a utopia that is in harmony with nature. It is often connected with The Golden Age of Greek mythology and represents a period of primordial peace, prosperity, harmony and stability. Arcadia has captured the imagination of painters, poets, playwrights and other artists for centuries to evoke an ideal state of existence of virtuous living and connection to the natural world.

Phi - Infinite Development


We chose phi, The Golden Mean, as our logo. The Golden Mean (or Golden Ratio) is one of those mysterious natural numbers, like e or pi, that seem to arise out of the basic structure of our cosmos. Unlike those abstract numbers, however, phi appears clearly and regularly in the realm of things that grow and unfold in steps, and that includes living things. The decimal representation of phi is 1.6180339887499....

In pure mathematics, an increase in size can be any imaginable number, even one like e or pi. But in the world of nature, things always grow by adding some unit, even if the unit is as small as a molecule. So it's not surprising that phi turns out to be an ideal rate for things to grow by adding some quantity.

Thus, phi is one the fundamental building blocks of natural development and represents how we help our clients achieve excellent growth into a state of Arcadia.

Arcadia painting by Károly Markó

The sunflower:
an example of phi in the natural world

Yellow_sunflower copyright free.JPG

The Fibonacci retracement: 
an example of phi in the financial world


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