Arcadia Group has built and currently runs the Blackstone Veterans Initiative. From 2014 to 2017, Blackstone hired and placed 50,000 military veterans and veterans’ spouses in 22 companies, one year ahead of its original five-year target. Its new commitment is to hire 50,000 additional military veterans, caregivers, and spouses in the next five years.

Arcadia Group offers advice on all aspects of creating a successful and sustainable veterans initiative and have written a playbook to codify these best practices. We believe in public-private partnership and work closely with government agencies and other contacts to help you source, hire, develop, and retain veterans.  Veterans have developed many transferable qualities through their service that can be leveraged by companies for their business goals. As a whole, veterans tend to be flexible, adaptable, disciplined, loyal, and mission-focused.  



Setting Up a Company Veterans Initiative

Arcadia Group will work closely with you to identify what your company’s needs are and how veterans can fulfill them. We will also leave you with a sustainable practice that you can continue indefinitely. As part of our services around sourcing, hiring, developing and retaining veterans, we can help you develop a strategy, organize events and summits, integrate veterans into your annual conference, coach veterans, and leverage veteran hiring with your community and client base.

Transition Coaching for Military Personnel

Arcadia Group can help veterans with the transition from military to civilian life. We can help you translate your skills for the business world and think about the appropriate roles, culture, and environment that would allow your skills to shine. We can also help you lay out a career path and prepare for interviews.