High performing executives, similar to high performing athletes, benefit from coaches to drive their success. Using proprietary and proven coaching methodologies, Arcadia Group develops excellent leaders by focusing on the differentiating competencies and activities of great leaders and the underlying psychological mindsets that drive their success.

Our standard coaching engagements incorporate 1-on-1 coaching sessions, manager meetings, 360-degree feedback reviews, and other assessments to sustainably develop leaders' capabilities across multiple dimensions. We work on development in the context of a leader's unique strengths, goals, challenges, and priorities within an organization, while specifying measurable outcomes that are mutually agreed upon by relevant parties.

Arcadia Group offers three standard levels of coaching engagements, using a unique methodology to progressively move leaders towards peak performance. Engagements may also be customized to target specific areas of development or to prepare for increased responsibility in new roles.

Program Levels

insight into performance

  • 6 month engagement
  • 12 coaching sessions
  • manager meetings: set goals, check-in, review
  • 360-degree-feedback and other assessments

instinct into 

instinct into excellence

  • next level 6 month engagement
  • 12 coaching sessions
  • manager meetings
  • 360-degree-feedback assessment re-take; values assessment

wisdom into peak performance

  • final level 6-12 month engagement
  • 6-12 intensive coaching sessions
  • 1-3 customized retreats